2006 is already shaping up to be a year of change. New home, new weblog software, and of course the usual New Year’s resolutions.

First up, a new address. We became discouraged in our search for a new home, and had resigned ourselves to staying in the rental a while longer. We felt like we could use more time to save a larger down payment, and find something we _really_ liked. No sooner than we made this decision, our landlord called to inform us he wanted to move back into his house. Nice, huh? This news came just 2-weeks before Christmas. We quickly got back on the house hunt, but still didn’t find anything we loved (or even liked). Jennifer and I finally decided just to find a new rental, we found a 4-bedroom, 2.5 bath row-house that is absolutely beautiful. It’s a little more than the place we have now, but is much more roomy and suited to our needs. Everything is new, it’s been freshly painted, and Jennifer loves the kitchen. Our plan is to stay in this home for 12-18 months, then find a keeper. We are trying so hard to stay in “West Linn(Google Maps – West Linn, OR)”:, and that has made our search for a permanent home more difficult.

Next up on the list of changes, new blog software. I haven’t posted in a while, but wanted to get back to writing about things that are interesting to me like “my job(Alto Imaging Technologies)”: , my family, “church(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)”: , and hobbies like web development and programming. “Movable Type(“Movable Type)”: has served me well, but I am making a conscious effort to use more “free(Free Software Definition)”: software, and to use products I can learn from and more easily extend. I chose to switch to “WordPress(WordPress)”: to manage my blog primarily for these reasons. I have been taking an active interest in ASP for my job, and would like to learn PHP to round things out. Other technologies I have focused on include CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript; WP gives me a playground to learn and experiment with them all. I like like what I see in WP so far. I started with the “newly released 2.0(WordPress 2)”:, but actually moved back to 1.5.2 after having a bit of trouble with “Gallery2(Gallery2)”: integration. We’ll see how things shape up after I have some experience.

As for the New Year’s Resolutions:

* Be a better father and husband
* Get back to running (20+ miles/week)
* Invest in a fixer-upper or rental property
* Use my technical skills to increase my income

A long post, but I had to catch up! I am excited about the new year; I see it as being full of new challenges and opportunities. Best wishes from me and mine.

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  1. Be a better father and husband ….. dam son I don¬ít know a better one, other than taking them on vacation. There are so many bad father out there I think you need to work more on the “Use my technical skills to increase my income ” then the father thing.

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