Links for 2008-01-24

* gmail-greasemonkey – Google Code — Various Greasemonkey scripts that enhance Gmail (Tagged: ).
* Alpine Messaging System — UW Alpine Information Center (Tagged: ).
* Alpine/Pico: Help and Patches — Eduardo Chappa’s collection of patches for the mail and news program Alpine (Tagged: ).
* Gopi Sundaram’s comp.mail.pine FAQ — FAQ for comp.mail.pine (Tagged: ).
* A List Apart: Articles: How to Size Text in CSS — Best practice for control of font size and line-height (Tagged: ).
* Big Red Angry Text – — Visual example to show WYSIWYG HTML editors that something is wrong. (Tagged: ).
* Eric’s Archived Thoughts: Resetting Again — Meyer’s thoughts on CSS reset styles (Tagged: ).
* 2 Ways To Implement Session Tracking – URL Rewriting — Using URL Rewriting to Implement Session Tracking (Tagged: ).
* Check your OpenID: — OpenID Checkup. Find out if your OpenID endpoint is working (Tagged: ).
* Welcome to OpenID Enabled! — OpenID implementations and tools in PHP, Python, Ruby (Tagged: ).
* phpMyID — PHP-based single user OpenID server library (Tagged: ).
* Sam Ruby: phpMyId 0.7 — Follow up to Sam’s original post about using your blog’s URL as an OpenID (Tagged: ).
* Sam Ruby: OpenID for non-SuperUsers — Claiming your blog and using the URI as an OpenID (Tagged: ).



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