Links for 2006-04-11

* How to Run IE 7 without installing it — (Tagged: browser hacks howto ie).
* British Airways – Jet Lag Advisor — Key in local and visited time for recommendations to minimize jet lag. (Tagged: health jetlag lifehacks reference tips travel).
* PhpDelicious – a class for accessing the API — Might be kind of fun to play with! (Tagged: api delicious php programming webservices).
* The XMLHttpRequest Object — w3 draft spec for the XHR object. (Tagged: programming reference standards w3c xmlhttprequest).

Back Up Bookmarks

Lifehacker shows you how to back up bookmarks on your blog. As the article points out, aside from backups, there are other benefits to doing this:

bq. It also kills two birds with one stone: participate in the community AND update your blog daily with one post.

This is a “no-hassle” solution done completely through your account. I tried this initially on this blog, but later switched to yadd for a more flexible solution. I made some minor modifications to meet my needs, including a change to the post title, and the automatic creation of tag hyperlinks.

Links for 2006-04-10

* Upload Progress Bar / AJAX File Uploader: FileChucker – by Encodable Industries — Ajax style file uploader. (Tagged: ajax development javascript php programming tools web2.0).
* 1 Pixel Out Audio Player WordPress plugin — WordPress plugin enables embeded audio on your blog. (Tagged: audio blogging mp3 music plugins wordpress).
* Ajaxload – Ajax loading gif generator — Key in some color values, select a type, and generate your very own Ajax activity indicator!! (Tagged: ajax graphics tools web2.0 webdesign).
* Speeding Up AJAX with JSON — Using JSON with AJAX. (Tagged: ajax development howto javascript json programming web2.0 webdesign).
* Collection of Web 2.0 Navigation Menus — Collection of screenshots/links to navigation menus around the web. (Tagged: menus navigation web2.0 webdesign).
* Regular Expressions Reference – Basic Syntax — Title says it all. (Tagged: programming reference regex).
* Ajax JavaScript resources at Savage Vines — Links to JavaScript libraries including prototype, dojo, mochikit, etc. (Tagged: ajax development framework javascript library links programming prototype webdesign).
* Prototype: Easing AJAX’s Pain — Another tutorial about using prototype.js. (Tagged: ajax development javascript programming prototype reference web2.0 webdesign).

More Ajax Resources for Beginners

When I first became involved in a project that would require Ajax techniques, I quickly went to the web in search of tutorials to learn how to use the XMLHttpRequest object. Following are the resources I found most helpful as I learned to create dynamic web applications. Links to various JavaScript libraries and other sites I like are also listed. Hat tip to Rushi for writing the post that prompted this compilation.
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Running in the Portland Rain

Last Saturday was the first training run for the “Portland Marathon”:pm. My friend Rick and I ran with the “PMC”:pmc group downtown along the water front, under beautiful sunny skies. The weather that morning could not have been more pleasant. Today’s run however, was a different story, nothing but rain the whole time.

We ran out-and-back from “Fit Right Northwest”:fr on “23rd Ave., north to Thurman St., then west up to (and a couple miles in) the Leif Erickson trail”:map at “Forest Park”:fp. Our group is training at a 3:50 target marathon time, but I think the pace setter may have thought they said 2:50! The 3.5 miles _*uphill*_ were brutal. Rick pointed out that last week, we were all carrying on conversations, this week… not a word. Coming down we had the wind and rain in our face, but I thought it was great. For me, there is just something refreshing about running in the rain. Nobody bothered to clock it, but it looks like we came in about 1:04 for 7 miles. Not too shabby!

I have “read”:rw “much”:cr about the “Leif Erickson trail”:fpmap, and even in the dreary weather it was beautiful. Along most of our run, we looked out over the Willamette river. Under favorable conditions, the view must be spectacular. This will definitely be a favorite Spring/Summer run.

[cr] bookmarks for 2006-04-07

* Automattic » WordPress Widgets — New widget plug-in for WordPress. (Tagged as: blogging plugins tools webdesign widgets wordpress).
* Prototype Javascript Windows — prototype.js-based JavaScript Windows. Combine with for cool effects. (Tagged as: ajax css javascript programming web2.0 webdesign).
* Color Blender — Eric Meyer’s color blender. Pick 2 colors and discover n midpoints between. (Tagged as: color css design tools webdesign).
* Redirecting WordPress Feeds to FeedBurner — Use Apache mod_rewrite to redirect blog feeds to FeedBurner. (Tagged as: blogging howto mine reference tips).
* Rushi’s Ramblings » Blog Archive » AJAX Resources for Beginners — Links to several Ajax tutorials. (Tagged as: ajax javascript links programming reference web2.0 webdesign).
* Simon Willison: JSON and Yahoo!’s JavaScript APIs — Interesting info about using JSON and cross-domain reqeusts. (Tagged as: ajax api javascript json programming webservices).
* TypeNavigator — Interactive visual font finder. Find any font from memory!? (Tagged as: design fonts graphics tools).
* Micro Persuasion: Ten Blogging Hacks — Yet another indispensable list of hacks from Steve Rubel. (Tagged as: blogging hacks howto reference tips).
* AJAX Activity Indicators — Dozens of animated gifs for use in your new web 2.0 application! (Tagged as: ajax design graphics icons images web2.0 webdesign). bookmarks for 2006-04-06

* 24 ways
Bunches of great stuff. Ajax, CSS, DOM, and other great web development stuff. (Tagged as: ajax css design howto tips webdesign).
* The Best Design Resources you can Clear in One Sitting – — Another source of links and such covering web design topics. (Tagged as: ajax css design links reference webdesign).
* Web Developer’s Handbook: developing web-sites, exploring imagination | CSS, Color Tools, Ajax, SEO, Usability etc. — Mondo links to all things web design oriented. (Tagged as: ajax css design howto links reference tips tools webdesign).
* Zoe’s Show, 3-9-2006 — So-Cal teen hosts this great little Interweb radio show. Great new and alternative music. (Tagged as: music radio zoe).