5 Web Applications You Can’t Live Without

With ever-increasing amounts of information coming from every direction, and personal and professional lives that are busier than ever, it’s becoming more difficult to manage all the appointments, messages, notes, tasks, and details that are part of every day. If you need a little help, there are lots of well thought out web applications that provide solutions to many of life’s challenges.

Here’s five web applications you can’t live without: Continue reading “5 Web Applications You Can’t Live Without”

Tip of the Day: Secure Your Gmail

From the “Why Didn’t I Think of That” department: “GMailSecure (Userscripts.org: GMailSecure)”:gs has got to be one of the most elegantly simple, yet useful “Greasemonkey (Greasespot.net)”:gm scripts ever.

When I say simple, I mean one line of code:

location.href = location.href.replace(/^http:/, 'https:');

This script ensures your “Gmail (Gmail)”:http://mail.google.com session using “Firefox (Mozilla Firefox)”:firefox takes place over a “secure HTTP (Wikipedia: https)”:https connection providing a reasonable amount of protection from eavesdropping and other shenanigans. Add other domains for which both a http and https URI(Uniform Resource Identifier) exist and Firefox will always use https. For example, I added:


Now all “Google Calendar (Google Calendar)”:gcal and “Google Docs & Spreadsheets (Google Docs & Spreadsheets)”:gdocs sessions are secure. But don’t stop there, any domain will work… not just the “Google (Google)”:http://www.google.com properties.

Download links: “Greasemonkey (Download Greasemonkey)”:gm (install this first), “GMailSecure (Install GMailSecure)”:gmsdl


Gmail Service Outage?

Anyone else seeing this? I’ve been getting either @404 Not Found@ or @503 Service Unavailable@ errors when trying to access my Gmail account. I first noticed this about 1:50pm PDT (GMT -8), but suspect it’s been going on a bit longer. What’s up?

Funny, I was just thinking I need to switch to Gmail exclusively. Hmmm.

UPDATE: As quick as I saved this post, Gmail came back online (2:38pm PDT). It wasn’t just me, posts in the Gmail-Users Group seem to confirm the outage.